How can I order FRIENDS E-books?

In order to run the FRIENDS Programmes, you must have a facilitator manual and provide an activity book for every child to keep. The cost of the manuals and activity books are not included in our training fee and cost AUS$5 each.

FRIENDS resources are now available as electronic books. It is not possible to print the electronic books although some individual activities and resources can be printed.

Printed books are available for a limited transition period. Contact us for details.

FRIENDS resources can only be accessed by FRIENDS facilitators who have completed licenced FRIENDS training. If you want to access training, please contact us. If you have completed FRIENDS training and want to order FRIENDS ebooks, please see the diagram below.

Artboard 1.png

If you have completed Special FRIENDS training, printed books are still available to purchase via the FRIENDS online bookstore.  If you have not received online bookstore login details, contact us to request.


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