A case study: FRIENDS in Lincolnshire

During 2017, we trained 190 teachers, psychologists, learning support assistants and SENCOs across Lincolnshire.

  • 95% of trainees found the training "extremely useful".
  • They rated quality of training 9.8 out of 10.
  • 8 out of 10 people felt confident to begin facilitating a FRIENDS intervention straight after our training.

Here is what people had to say in Lincolnshire:

"Well informed presenters and good evidence base."

"We had time to discuss with others, the activities and how we might run it in school."

"I feel confident that I can now run this programme with children in the school."

"Very informative and Gemma & Helen were friendly and professional."

"I understand the need for this in everyday situations in schools."

"Well delivered and easy to follow information."

"Practical activities and taster ideas. E.g. don't start with your most challenging student"

"Presenters had actually delivered the programme and could give their own experiences."

"It's a pick up and go resource, fun and hands on, plenty of activities."

"I felt all of it worked well. It was fun and interactive."

"Clear links to CBT put into practical activities appropriate for children of all ages."

"Other interventions can work alongside FRIENDS."

"Very informative and with a fun element."

We have conducted over  45  training days throughout the UK and Ireland.

We have conducted over 45 training days throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Psychology Tree has trained over 1000 FRIENDS facilitators throughout the UK and Ireland. As training and intervention specialists we only select the best evidence based interventions. We go further and thoroughly evaluate our training days to ensure we provide the best training possible.

Why people like friends

  • Evidence based resilience intervention.
  • Endorsed by the World Health Organisation.
  • Provides strategies and skills that individuals can use to effectively manage anxiety.
  • Proven to be effective in promoting social and emotional skills.
  • Specifically tailored programs for all ages.

And with The Psychology Tree:

  • Your staff become internationally registered FRIENDS facilitators
  • We send two presenters, both HCPC registered educational psychologists.
  • High quality training. See our feedback below.

Please contact us to arrange a series of training events throughout your region or to organise a single training day tailored to your staff requirements. We also host our own days so individuals can attend FRIENDS training.



More feedback from Lincolnshire:

"Good structure. A straight forward session plan. Very informative and clear. I'm looking forward to starting. Very interesting and useful. Great balance of listening and practical activities. Discussed all relevant points in detail. Hands on. Gave me a great perspective. Lots of practical activities. Lots of information and practical guidance. Excellently packaged resource, very clearly presented. The course was very organised and well structured. Small groups. Practical sessions. Great pace. Group participation. Sharing experiences/practice. Clear, interactive and friendly. Feel confident about the credibility. Time to reflect and discuss with colleagues. Handouts to write notes on. Interactive presentation. Engaging presenters. Lots of chatter and fun. Great to have a go at some of the activities. Great ideas and activities. Trainers very knowledgable. Lots of information. Great evidence base. Step by step. Practical tasks. Trying out activities. Strategies how to adapt into the school environment. Fab presentations. Putting activities into practice. Multi sensory learning and interaction. Discussion based on realistic scenarios. Group activities were extremely useful. Positive presenters. Access to additional resources. Group session. Trying activities. Techniques to be able to deliver the course. Hands on. Variety of presentation methods. Having two presenters. Trying activities. Role play. Group work. Practical activities. Questions and answer sessions. Modelled activities. It seems achievable. Balance between theory and practice. Clear brief Powerpoints. Very interactive. Examples given of useful resources. Clear delivery and explanations. Real examples. Good links to resources. Very enjoyable and useful. Address issues of anxiety. Lots of very useful information. Good clear explanations. Enthusiasm of course leaders. Interactive course. Questions fully answered. Example sessions. Resource ideas. Liked the idea of green and red thoughts. Mix of activities. Well planned and explained. Sharing ideas worked really well. Good pace of delivery. Delivery of course was excellent. Positive ethos. Great comprehensive manuals. Real life situations. Flexibility of the package. All resources can be adapted. Easy to follow. Lots of practical examples. Interactive examples. Interactive activities. Hands on activity. Very knowledgeable presenters. Examples of the activities. Very informative. Thought provoking. Really useful tools. Adaptable resources. Very beneficial. Demonstrated psychology behind FRIENDS. Lively presentation. Fun and interesting. Sharing ideas with others. Confidence and knowledge. Engaging activities. Opportunity to try activities out."