The Adult Resilience Program, authored by Dr Paula Barrett in 2011, has been developed specifically for 16-18+ year old people and assists them to identify and address any issues that might be holding them back in their adult life. The Adult Resilience Program has been developed in recognition of the fact that even adults are faced with developmental challenges. These challenges can vary greatly from person to person, but they are most commonly found to occur in relation to financial independence, career paths, relationships and parenthood. The program equips adults with a skill set that will enable them to be mindful and resilient, manage their emotions and overcome depression and anxiety.

The programme has been used effectively in the following contexts: 

  • Adult stress management e.g. school staff, foster carers.
  • Year 11-12 preparation for adulthood.
  • Alongside FRIENDS Programs for parents

The program involves 5 stages including approximately 15 hours of contact time.

L = Learn to be mindful

I = Inner helpful thoughts

F = Feel like a resilient person

E = Enjoy a health lifestyle


How can the Adult Resilience programme help?

The programme teaches adults the following skills:

• Emotional awareness • Mindfulness • Empathy • Optimistic thinking • Using thoughts as a tool to change behaviour • Breaking resistant habits • Turning attention towards positive aspects of life • Thinking in terms of resilience when faced with a difficult situation • Building confidence • Identifying mentors • Becoming a member of the community • Forming support networks • The ability to compromise • Conflict resolution • Setting realistic goals • Implementing planning • Long term preparation • Paying attention to physical signs of stress • The ability to celebrate successes

These skills can help adults to:

• Improve performance in their chosen field • Enjoy their experience of life transitions • Learn to address their negative attention biases • Cope with changing jobs • Move houses, cities or countries • Adjust to children leaving the home • Resolve conflict at home or work • Grieve a loss or death in the family • Cope with separation and divorce • Cope with chronic or serious illness in the family • Get through financial hardship • Address substance abuse • Cope with natural disasters

What do people say about the adult resilience programme?

"Resilience for Life is an important programme that will be an invaluable resource for any adult who would like to develop and strengthen their resilience.” Paul Stallard, Professor of Child and Family Mental Health, University of Bath, UK.
“Dr. Barrett has managed to capture through Resilience for Life: Adults Programme the essential, empirically informed, ingredients needed for dealing with difficult life challenges. Dr Barrett's Activity Book is a critical, succinct resource for anyone interested in developing the skills and strategies that build and sustain resilience, including the training of these skills to others.” Wendy K Silverman, Professor of Psychology, Florida International University, Miami USA.