Welcome to The Psychology Tree.

We are a team of professional educational psychologists providing training and intervention for schools, families and other organisations. Our programmes aim to promote positive emotional wellbeing and development among children and young people. We offer specialist training courses for adults as well as a range of individual and group intervention programmes for children and young people. At The Psychology Tree, we are licensed trainers of the FRIENDS Programs.

We are committed to promoting positive outcomes for all children and young people through our application of psychology. We hope to achieve this goal by sharing our psychological knowledge and experience with multi-agency professionals, parents, children and young people.

This website provides details of our full range of services. Please explore our site and contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

We have already trained over 1000 FRIENDS facilitators! That means we have lots of exceptional feedback. See the case study below to find out who is doing FRIENDS throughout the UK, who we train, what our facilitators think about FRIENDS and how we have delivered FRIENDS throughout Lincolnshire at multiple locations over several Local Authority hosted events.

A case study: FRIENDS in Lincolnshire

In partnership with The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, The Psychology Tree has delivered specialist days for professionals working with children with special educational needs in UK. See the case study below to find out more.

Special FRIENDS: Case Study